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One day, due to our routine a big questioning made us lean toward an idea of discoveries, trips, and getaways to meet other lifestyles. Our first idea was expatriation that is an old dream of ours but what’s more difficult than choosing your destination! So many countries to choose from… From tropical islands, to the biggest cities. Here we are targeting destinations without knowing why and what to do despite our overflowing ideas. 

And then, why choose a country or a city where we will only move our lives ?! From there came this crazy idea: “We do not know in which country we want to break the routine with and especially to made our kids dream. What’s easier than to travel everywhere, to see people or not, to get together and especially to live. ” 
The ideas came to us, the journeys are getting together, and finally we start looking on blogs of families traveling by camper, truck 4 × 4 arranged for a Paris Dakar and then some families simply enjoying their nomadic life in Europe. In a nice bus S53 arranged tastefully or not, and especially with unsuspected storage spaces. Others, more fortunate, make us dream in big and beautiful buses made in USA, real moving palaces. 

Reflection has to be made after having amusing debates mixing our dreams of travel and especially perilous adventures in isolated places. Amazed by the space there is in a bus that we knew only from school trip, we looked for a bus to custom. 

Our moving house found, we need to make our trip idea a reality, bearing in mind that another life must be organized.. 

Everything comes together in our head, we see it more clearly, and naturally we conclude that our trip will focus on the life of our kids during this wonderful journey, that we must organize for their development and seize this opportunity. The link to make was obvious: to combine the fun with the functional for our kids. A journey rich of meeting, memories,
new cultures, and especially a new method of learning. We will teach them and, above all, they will learn from their experiences of encounters, learn to navigate in different environments, meet people, speaking another language. Their trip will be their school and their wealth will be their experience, their emotion.

We decided to create our project “My Tiny School”, which will be the small school for each of our 3 kids, but especially the school of all the children we will meet and who can leave their mark on a bus that will travel all around their planet to share with other children his knowledge and his desire to learn another culture, another relation with school