The team My tiny school

Jean-François (38 years)

  • Jean-François is the dad of the house, he is the one who holds the purse stings
  • He is the pillar of our family, he takes us with him in his wilsdest dreams
  • A reckless tinkerer, his minds only rests a little at a time.
  • Proud of his family, he know hos important it is to enjoy the moment.

Charlotte (32 years)

  • Charlotte is our mum to the all of us. She is available at any time.
  • She is the very core of the organization of our household.
  • The craziest dreams of our dad never stopped her from folling him
  • She has a huge love for everyone, our mum is the one who gives us strengh and perseverance.

Charles (10 years)

  • Charles is our eldest. He is our early bird of the family and is always available to participate in the organization of the household.
  • Really passionate about everything he sees and touches. Learning and understanding is second nature to him.
  • He likes competition, he gives himself in everything he undertakes, sometimes forgetting that he is still a child.
  • He likes strategy games and is a big reader.

Louise (9 years)

  • Louise is our little handyman
  • With scissors in her hand, no piece of paper can escape !
  • Louise has a strong character, she is passionate and whole.
  • Little mother of the family, Louise watches over her little sister and at the same time she spoiles her dolls
  • a little bit foolish sometimes, adventurous despite a little phobia for our crawling friends.

Victoria (1 year)

  • Victoria is our baby
  • A pampered little sister, she is the missing piece of our puzzle. She has a smile that brighten our daily life and that reminds us that it is important to enjoy life.
  • She will take full advantage of the richness of our trip especially as her young age will facilitate her adaptation to this nomad life.

Lily (6 years)

  • Lily is our life companion
  • Far from being a watchdog, she remains attentive to suspicious noises.
  • She is soft and gentle, she loves to dance and eat carrots.