Travel yes, but that’s not it…
Taking our 3 kids with us in this adventure, we wanted to show them beautiful landscapes but we also wanted them to discover other schools around the world that could be very different from the one they know.

My Tiny School…
On one side we discovered homeschooling to our kids and on the other we would live enriching moments in the schools we visit. These moments are clearly the highlights of our trip.
When we arrive at a new school, the children are amazed and we answer all the questions they could have.
We explain them our journey, the countries we visited and those to come, and we talk to them about our amazing way of travelling, our house en wheels, our bus!
This brings us to talk to them about the other schools we visited, and learn a little bit more about their way of learning, explaining them that it is important to do what you love and that there are many different ways to learn (with your grandfather, in books, museums …)

To meet with the children, we received 20 000 pencils from the Giotto company. Each student we meet receives a pencil and draws a picture of his school or our bus. It is his participation in the contest that we organize. We publish the drawings of each class on our Facebook page and the drawing that receives the most likes, wins a fully equipped binder My Tiny School.

This binder contains school material and it is our gift to the children.
We have made 200 school bags with the logo my tiny school and we invested in school materials.
The highlight of the visit for the children is obviously when they get to discover the bus. They visit our home and leave a souvenir of their visit by signing on the bus.
Everyone leaves with stars in their eyes.

We are always available for meetings at schools, do not hesitate if you have contacts to let us know.